sont les mots qui vont tres bien ensamble

someday you will find happiness just by laying on the grass and breathing. and you do care for a yellowing leaf falling on your head: you notice how sometimes sad and fragile and beautiful things are. and you silently admire the sun light on your hair. and you learn that daydreaming is the time in life when your mind is bigger than your body. bigger than your world.

like you see treetops and skies through the eyes of a child on the back of a bike.

Have you ever daydreamed about the world, the era you will never see and feel and know; the world of past; the world of future? Have you ever daydreamed about the people who never see the world you live in, the world you wake up to? Doesn't it make you want to grasp every tiny moment in your life?

and to be honest, you are my favorite thing to daydream about.

of every tiny blood vessel. of skins. of night promises. of a raindrop on your cheeks. of silent moment before you get out of bed. of a tiny ship sailing through the sea in a bottle made up of glass. of your lover's whispering in your ear.

and your voice. your voice is like a cup of latte on sunday mornings.

and you see through the window. you see your tiny ship in a bottle, with your messages on a piece of paper, filled up with questions you seek. what do you want? how to be happy? why did it happen? but now you let go those questions; you still watch the tiny ship going slowly to the sea, but you dont expect it to come back with answers like you used to. you just watch how peaceful the bottle sailing to the place that your mind cant reach. and your lips murmur a tiny prayer.

let it go, let it go. sometimes your own mind is a trap door.

lets sleep tonight in our rooms, with hundreds of pictures of tiny ships in bottles on the wall: we are grateful for questioning. we let the answers to be owned by the sea. so now lets cry, lets laugh, lets shout, lets run. uncontrollably.

and i hope you find your tree.


through my window i can see a half-lit cloud