only the thought of you gives me the ability to smile at
the billboards. at the traffic lights. at the faces of the
strangers. at the raindrops on
the window.


about dawn.

do you know the time when you feel like you are sleepwalking between the dream and reality? everything that are used to being very familiar to you in the day: trees, windows and curtains, coffee cups, holes on your pavement, your feet on the grass, sound of the door swinging, clouds, sunlight, feel magical, and new? And you start looking in every direction, trying to grasp every color, every shape and every move, like you see it all through the eyes of a child in the back of a bike. you discover yourself. you remember what it's like to be yourself. then the sun comes and they are back into the things you knew, but you have this kind of peace in your heart and that's enough.
that's why i love dawn.


dawn and tea

a cup of tea early in the morning
pouring a steamy cup into
the shade of daydreams.